What is New Age affiliate marketing program?

New Age affiliate marketing program is a system where you can make an extra income by selling New Age inventory. You get a certain percentage of sales on any single product you sell through your unique affiliate link as a commission. Selling New Age inventory as an affiliate does not require you to handle stock physically or move stock about from one place to another; it is a seamless process automated completely by our software and managed by New Age staff at the back end to meet with updates and progressive sales by you the affiliate. Whenever a sale is successfully completed through your link, you get a notification and a sales update on your dashboard.

Who can be a New Age affiliate?

Anyone with drive to produce result can be an affiliate. It is also a plus if you have good social skills, an active social media platform where you post your unique affiliate link for your audience to use and make purchases, gaining the trust of your audience by building credibility through your personality is also a great plus to have good turnover rate.

How do I get paid as an affiliate?

You get paid monthly and the funds go directly into your bank account provided upon sign up. A cumulative of every sale made within the period of one month is calculated and paid to you! Why not sign up to start making that extra cash.

What is the process like?


You get the opportunity to increase your earning rank and percentage based on how much sales you generate as time goes on. You can call that a bonus! Click here to get started and start your earning journey.
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Frequently Asked questions about the affiliate program

It is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer generates sales by referrals and gets paid by commission.
You can register via our website www.newagechargers.com After registering with your email, a confirmation mail will be sent to you and your personal affiliate link will be created.
You earn from commissions on each product you sell using your link.
This is perfectly normal. It is because your email has been registered on our website. Try to log in on our website and click the link to register.
Yes. But you do not need to register your email separately as an affiliate if you have already created a shopping account with the same email. Simply go to the affiliate link and proceed.
An affiliate request is approved immediately, as long as the right information are provided.
When orders on your link go through, it will automatically reflect on affiliate’s dashboard which can be viewed through “statistics”
Once a payment is completed through an affiliate’s link, before 48 hours, an e- mail will be sent on transaction notification.
Commissions are sent directly to the account details provided by the affiliate.
Yes. With the inflow of customers and successfully completed transactions on a period basis, affiliates can grow rank in commission level.
No. Affiliate program is designed to help affiliates earn based on purchases made through their pe
No. The order of every product is handled and delivered by New Age staff.
Yes. Be sure the transaction is made through your link to gain the commission on that purchase.
N1,000,000 is the maximum monetary value one can place on our website
Contact our WhatsApp line directory in such cases and we will give proper direction to facilitate the close of deals.