Being a content creator in Nigeria

In this digital age and the invention of social media, most brands relate directly with their audience virtually, good content is a necessity if the goal is to increase, answering their questions, building trust, improving conversions, generating leads and developing a strong brand presence. There are different types of content for different purposes and it is important to understand the type of content to pass across the right message on the best channel.

 The most important element to achieving success with content is creating for the right audience, as creating great content that isn’t tailored to the right audience is a waste of time and resources. Identifying the right audience gives room for a complete understanding of their purchase path and pain points, this guides in creating effective content.

Sometimes, as content blogger or Vlogger we get so focused on creating our content that we forget that our audience development strategy should come first.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of issues entangled with content marketing in Nigeria, but there are also solutions that will help you overcome these issues. The predominant problem is the power situation, creating content with the power situation is not something people can rely on especially when it comes to work.

One solution for content creators is to use power banks, especially those who don’t own cameras or they work using their laptops. Let’s assume an instnace where someone schedules to shoot content for a week, and in that week there isn’t power supply and you can’t shoot what would you do?



Get freedom from unstable power supply for TWO weeks. The  Power bank  (FC30 33000) provides multiple charges for almost all tablets and other USB devices even more fascinating is that you can charge your laptops too.
It uses 2 USB and 1 Type-C output ports equipped with New Age’s super-fast charging technology ensure high-speed charging for two devices simultaneously (Not compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge).

Visit the newage website and purchase your own now. Don’t let No Power Supply stop you.

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