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Ear buds, like our phones takes a lot of decision to make, before choosing the right one that just fits.

Buying a wireless earbud can be tricky, as there are lots of options and specs to choose from. Getting one that fits perfectly for the purpose it is being bought, takes lots of considerations and decisions.

Here are basic features to help you make the right choice when sourcing for the perfect ear bud.

Battery life

What’s a gadget without its battery?

The battery life of an ear bud is one feature that gives value to an earbud. Most earbud batteries can last for more than four hours, without its charging case. With the charging case, a good ear bud may last for 10-12 hours.

When next you go shopping for an ear bud, make sure you get it right with the battery capacity.

Controls on ear buds

It isn’t true wireless, if you still have to depend on other gadgets, is it?

Controls on ear buds are a great feature to look out for when sourcing for an earbud. You can easily take your calls, change music or even stop and play with controls on the ear buds.

These features are mostly found on premium true wireless earbuds. But trust me, they are worth it.


Audio quality of an ear bud is one of its most important features and this contributes to how much you enjoy your gadget.

Look for the size of drivers — it will be in millimetres (MM) on the specs of earbuds.

A bigger driver will deliver nice bass and rather impressive audio quality.

Perfect fit

While sourcing for the perfect ear bud, comfortability should also be considered. An earbud perfect for all ear size. Not so little and not so large. Just perfect enough, and can last long without painful feelings.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

The ANC feature in an earbud helps cancel noise around you. If you want an earbud to concentrate more, the ANC earbud is the perfect earbud, as the cancels and blocks noise around you.

when sourcing for earbuds, these features can get tricky sometimes, this is why you have to know and understand what purpose these gadgets serve.

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