Power banks have become very important part of our everyday lives, without us realizing it. Say you pack your bags in the morning, ahead of work for the day, or interestingly, for that date. There’s a high chance that you’d be packing a power bank alongside your phone(s), cables, chargers, even earbuds.

Don’t beat yourself, the electricity situation has made all of us to move heavy. You wouldn’t want your phone to go off in the middle of a date, or in the middle of something important. This is where power banks come in.

Subtle enough to fit into your bag and bold enough to give your phones power.

Don Jazzy with power banks

Talk about confidence and power!

While power banks have unofficially become the mobile phone super heroes for most Nigerians in recent times, they can also contribute to the untimely death of your mobile phone’s battery, if you’re using the wrong one.

It is popularly advised that you get a good power bank for optimum support and durability. You wouldn’t need a power bank that your phone ends up charging.


Good power banks with excellent battery lifespan is the best bet when it comes to making a choice on what type of power bank to buy, as it is top on the list of things to look out for when buying a power bank. Our power banks come with good features and durable batteries and these are some choices to make from, when you intend shopping for good power banks.

  • The New Age FC50P- 50,000 mAh

Talk about strength and durability, this is what the FC50P represents. Perfect for heavy travelers and such an excellent power dependent for mobile phones. One complete charge of the FC50P stays for as long as 3 weeks, giving your mobile devices optimized charge with USB-C power delivery.

FC 50 power banks 50000 mAh

The FC50P with 50,000 mAh battery capacity provides full charge to almost 16 iPhone 11, 13 Samsung galaxy S21, and 10 Tecno Phantom X.

Yes, it is that durable.

Yet another interesting benefit of the FC50P is the New Age four-fold protection technology they come with. As you charge, you’re rest assured that your mobile device is protected with:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Overload protection
  • Overload protection of the connected device.

With a 22.5W Power Delivery and a digital display, the FC50P 50,000 mAh gives a fast charge and keeps you on to your device while you can easily monitor the percentage of the power bank’s battery.

  • The New Age FC30 30000 mAh power bank

The FC30 of 30,000 mAh is the small capacity of the FC series.

Tough and durable enough to provides almost 10.6 iPhone 11 charges, 8 Samsung Galaxy S21 charges, 6.6 Tecno Phantom X charges or multiple charges for almost all tablets and other USB devices, the FC30 power bank provides good charging for 2 weeks, when charged fully.

FC30 power banks

FC30 30,000 mAh is one of the best power banks to get out there, especially if you’re going on a trip that takes you out of where there is power. Imagine having a backup power supply for your mobile devices that lasts for two weeks! NEPA has got nothing on you.

  • The New Age Power station Power Banks with In-built cables (12500 mAh and 22500 mAh)

When you think style and flexibility, the Power station power banks come to mind.

Power station power banks

Built in a way to comfortably carry around, the power station power banks come with built-in cables that give you freedom from carrying extra cables around being all tacky.

The built-in cables of the power station power banks are Type C and lightening (iPhone) cables with a USB port, making the power bank so flexible for any mobile phone user.

  • The New Age L30 33,000 mAh Power bank

The L30 power bank with a capacity of 33,000 mAh is another strong power bank that keeps your mobile devices charged for the longest of time.

With the four fold protection technology from New Age, you are assured that your mobile device is protected from short circuit, overheating, overloading and also overloading of the connected device.

L30 power banks

The New Age series of power banks have been proved to be one of the strongest power banks you can find in Nigeria, and quite affordable too for the quality we give.

Having a low battery shouldn’t be enough reason to be out of your mobile device, especially when you can get very strong power banks to make you stay on your device without interruption.

Considering to purchase a power bank? You are definitely at the right place.

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