Being the center of excellence, the city of Lagos never gets tired to exude elegance, reception, entertainment and class. A city that houses the prestigious Eko hotel and suites- a hub for everything entertainment in the state.

It didn’t come as a surprise when indigenous comedian, Ogbuefi took Lagos like a storm with his comedy show and its first premier in Lagos. Little wonder the comedy show was titled “From Onitsha to Lagos”.

Lagosians, in their boisterous manner, came out in mass to grace this occasion, which happens to be a milestone worth celebrating for comedian, Ogbuefi.

Walking the red carpet, it was easy to spot different brand sponsors in their colours and element, each showcasing the brand essence and of course, partnership with the comedian of the day, Ogbuefi.

As usual, the orange brand, New Age shone bright.

Gaining lots of attention from guests and literally being at the center of attention, was the New Age branding elements.

Orange is the new cool. Orange is an attitude.

Just as bright as the flames, they light up the red carpet, shining through the bright lights of the walkway. It was difficult to miss the orange brand.

Guests walk through, stopping to take pose for the camera, striking the most beautiful poses, some twists and turns here and there, and the people behind the camera capturing every moment and hoping to make magic with the photos.

It gave the exact glitz and glamour of Lagos.

The typical night life of the center of Excellence.

Everyone wanted a photo, everyone wanted to be at the center of attention. And with the bright orange of the New Age brand, it wasn’t hard to be at the center of it all.

The whole scenario and theme surrounding the comedy show relates to the New Age brand. As the first indigenous phone accessories brand, which started first right from the east and now settles at the center of Excellence, the theme, “From Onitsha to Lagos” resonates with the brand.

Having walked the red carpet and posed for photos, guests settled in the hall. Comedians of different pedigree graced the stage, leaving the guests in stitches from constant laughter.

Laughing and waving the New Age hand fan in an attempt cool off the heat slipping into the hall, the atmosphere was filled in multiple colors from the stage and of course, a touch of orangey goodness here and there,

In the hall, the orange brand shone. From Onitsha to Lagos, the orange brand continues to shine.

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