Everyone wants a fast charger these days.

Nobody loves to sit around for hours hoping and willing their phones to charge faster. Definitely not with the epileptic power supply we suffer in the country, and definitely not iPhone users, who are bound to charge again few hours after their last charge. (Yes, I’m coming for iPhone users).

While choosing a charger, charging compatibility is what you have to always look out for.

Here are key factors you should when buying a charger:

Fast charging abilities:

 Like I mentioned earlier, no one wants to sit for hours charging their devices. When buying a new charger, the Quick charge feature or Power Delivery feature is one to look out for. This is a feature that reduces charging time. Just like our Jazzy PD charger , it comes with the fast charging feature that gives users complete charge in lesser time.

Charging port type

The other feature to always look out for is matching ports. There are different charging port types, and they should match with your phone ports. Android phones usually come with a USB-C or C-C port type. This means that a charging cable will have one USB end plugged in the charging adapter, while the other end will have Type-C plugged in the phone’s charging port.

The same port with the charger

 IPhones on the other hand, use a lightening cable. The Charging adapter either comes in C-L or USB-L form. It is important to know the charging port and which charging cable works for your phone.

Charging for multiple devices:

A charger with multiple output ports has the ability to charge multiple devices at once. While this sounds like a good idea, you should make sure that each output port gives a reasonable power output within a specific period of time.

Charger with multiple ports

Just like Jazzy PD charger, it is designed to charge multiple devices at once, giving you a full charge within a short period of time.

I would say chargers with multiple output ports are active supporters of positive friendship because they you a chance to share something with a friend.

A trusted brand:

How well would you enjoy a new gadget if you don’t trust the producers? With a trusted brand like ours, you get really good and quality mobile accessories with an awesome warranty period.

A trusted charger brand

Because mobile accessories are getting quite pricy these days, but as your phone’s best friends, we advise you carefully go through these factors before getting your next mobile accessory. And as your reliable mobile accessories brand, it is important that you stay up to date with the latest trend in technology on our Instagram page.

See you at the other side!

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