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Hard truth; a good Power bank cost good money.

Buying a power bank and seeing it damage within the warranty period is a disheartening situation, and no one wants to go through that, not even with the product still in its warranty period.

Powers banks are quite delicate just like our mobile phones, and they should be treated with as much care as our mobile phones. When they fail or get damaged, sometimes it may not be a manufacturer’s fault.

Just like phones are delicate, they are delicate, too. They also need some level of care. Preventive measures should be taken to make your them last longer.

There are some bad habits that affect gadgets negatively, power banks inclusive. These are general habits we sometimes do not acknowledge how damaging they are to our gadgets.

Here are some habits that damage your power bank:

Leaving your power bank in places with high temperature:

Unlike humans and plants, your alternative phone power supplier doesn’t need direct sunlight to make its food or to survive. Trust me, direct sunlight on your power bank isn’t the tanning agent you think it is.

Power bank in sunlight

Leaving your power bank in an environment with high temperature is one of the fastest ways to damage these devices. Placing them in direct sunlight, forgetting them in cars or charging them in the kitchen while cooking, make their batteries spoil faster, especially if they are not solar-enhanced.

Allowing your power bank to completely drain before charging:

We know the power situation is as terrible as ever, but draining your power bank completely before its next charge is one way to shorten the lifespan of your portable power supplier.

A drained power bank

It is advisable to fully charge the power bank before first use, and subsequently charge as the battery reduces. But not wait until it completely drains before you charge. Power banks have batteries just like phones do, and the more you completely drain them, the more their lifespan shorten. Sooner than later, you will have a power bank that your phone charges.

Overcharging your power bank:

I know at this point you’d be wondering why these safety measures are confusing, maybe why you’re being asked not to undercharge and in the same breath asked not to overcharge.

Yes, overcharging of your power bank can lead to damage. A scenario where you overcharge your power bank can be one of those nights you leave them plugged to electricity and you wake up to a fully-charged power bank. In fact, it has been fully-charged a long time before you woke up.

An overcharged power bank

This is a common habit with us and it is a not-so-good habit which can lead us to kiss our them goodbye in a short time.

So, before you decide to leave them plugged at home to charge while you leave for the office, make sure there’s someone whose job is to unplug them when they get completely charged.

Using incompatible chargers to charge your power banks:

People have the habit of charging their power banks with just any charger they lay their hands on. For as long as it charges, they’re good. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but using incompatible chargers for your power banks is one fast way of waving goodbye to them.

Power bank with incompatible charger

Just before you charge that new power bank, carefully go through its features, like we have on our website, read up what type of chargers will be compatible with it. Check to see its capacity, and what charger capacity is good enough to charge it.

Not only will you be solving an impending slow charging problem, you’d also save yourself a few bucks which would have been for replacement a few months later.

Power banks are delicate gadgets that need extra care and handling just same way mobile phones are being cared for. Before you decide on a which one to use, you should take note of some things as these will help you to understand how to care for your power banks.

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See you on the other side!

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