The art of creating content for consumption, either on the internet or the local media, is an age-long practice for many industries. But in recent times, this art has grown beyond the spheres of the local media. It is a lifestyle, a full-time role and it is entertainment.

We’ve evolved greatly to an era where almost every social media user is utilizing their page for the purpose of creating content to their audience. You don’t have to be a big business to create content. With cameras in hand, microphones pinned on clothes, a little ring light here and an editing app, content creators have taken over all spheres of social media and it is beautiful to see.

At events, from the comfort of their homes, in transit, in a queue, there’s no limit to finding the right spot to curate visual stories for their audience. They have the creative industry on a lock, and of course, the monetary benefits that come from it. All thanks to Elon and Mark.

Having the right accessory is a key factor to creating eye-catching content. Being consistent is the key to being a great creator, and being able to connect to your audience is the magic you need to reach your peak.

While the go-to accessories for a beginner content creator are the light, microphone, and great editing skills, many people tend to forget that the goal of creating content does not end with only creating content. It transcends posting on social media. It is the satisfaction that comes with connecting to an audience and at least, staying on when it is needed.

power bank creators

This is why I ask, “As a content creator, why do you not have a power bank?

Yes, you. You with a growing audience, and also you with an already defined target audience. How do you go off on your audience when it’s time to connect with them with your content?

The lack of an extra source of power is the main cause of inconsistency amongst creators.

Imagine having to deal with a low battery after posting your content. I can give you some consequences for this oversight as a creator:

These are some aftermath of an oversight as a creator

  • You get to stay off your device pending when you get charged up
  • Errors are the nightmares of creators. Being unable to run a quick edit on an already published content is the worst feeling ever.
  • Having to reschedule creating content because your overlooked the urge to buy a power bank
  • Having your device go off in the process of creating content.

There are endless consequences of having a low battery as a content creator, and as we made you see on TikTok these consequences reduces your steeze and creator composure.

There are multiple choices to go through when purchasing a power bank.

As a content creator, you also have to put into consideration some factors before choosing the right power bank. Content creation is a unique form of art and as such, a power bank with a big capacity, like the FC50, will come highly recommended.

For the days you leave your house fully equipped for the purpose of creating content, this 50000mAh power bank which comes with a strap, can be carried about.

A creator who may not like to move about with the FC50 has a lot of smaller options, including our pocket sized, Multipurpose wireless power bank, which has the coolest storage dock you can ever think of.

The composure that comes with being able to move about all powered up and with assurance of staying onto your device at all times can never be traded for anything.

A smart creator knows how to stay on, and I’m hoping you learn how to after reading this.

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