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Audio devices are fun to have and are fast becoming an accessory one cannot do without.

As travelling buddies, gym accessory, personal accessory, even a piece that sends an indirect message to people to leave you alone, audio devices always come in handy and helpful.

Over the years, these devices have been developed into different varieties, shapes and sizes for different purposes.

Gym enthusiasts, pod cast listeners, travelers, music lovers and even audio book lovers are basically the target for the audio device market.

Whilst audio devices serve in different occasions, there are devices meant for specific purposes.

Here are different types of audio device and the best way to use them.

Ear Buds with ANC

Best used for travelling, listening to audio books, working out at the gym and also when you do not want to disturbed. The Active Noise Cancelling feature makes the background noise a blur.

Beat King

Tucked firmly in the ear, the tiny devices some in different shapes and sizes like the Beat King ANC and the Jazzy ANC ear buds. These devices block off noise when you have them on and they are best used when the intention is to concentrate on a task.

Jazzy ANC

Ear Bud without ANC

Ear buds without ANC are just almost same dynamics with the ones with ANC, only this time, they do not come with the noise cancelling feature.

They come in different sizes and shapes.

Iron man mini

Bone Conduction Headphones

I had to save the best for the last.

 This is my favorite type of audio device. This is the perfect fit for fitness enthusiast and runners. The bone conduction headphones, like the fusion bone conduction headphones come with an open ear design. And you know what that means? You can run the whole of Lagos, without the fear of getting hit by a vehicle.

Fusion bone conduction

The open ear design makes sure you keep in touch with what is happening around you. Another exciting feature of the bone conduction headphones is its resistant to water and sweat.

Bone conduction headphones come with lots of benefits. Runners, imagine not being bothered about ruining your audio device with sweat and water.

Most audio devices are made for specific purposes, hence some unique features. It is imperative that users get to know and understand these devices and features, so as to make a good a decision on what type of audio fits their needs.

To get to know about these devices and their specifics, you can visit our pages to read more.

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