Items you should always have with you when travelling within Nigeria

Do you stay in Nigeria? Or are you travelling within Nigeria? If the answer to any of these is yes then, this is for you. This is a curated guide on items you need to help you get through the day in Nigeria. If you are wondering what you need to carry with you when stepping out in Nigeria, then keep reading; 

Means of Payment: This one is a necessity. When moving around, there is a constant need to make payments, so you should always have a means of payment with you. We advise wither ATM card or cash or better still both, as digitized payments have not been fully adopted in the country, so there is a need for cash payments in specific locations. Cash could also come in handy in tips and as as alternative to ATM cards. Having a means of payment is a safety precaution as you can never predict what needs might arise, so always have money at hand. 

Identity Card:  An identity card is another item you need to always have with you in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. It is a safety precaution and a means of identification in any situation. ID cards help appropriately identify yourself and associate you with a respectable organization if the need arises. In case of security issues, this would come in handy. 

Power Bank: Finally and most importantly, you should always have a power bank. The terrible state of electricity in the country is no news and to keep up, you need alternative power sources like a power bank. A long-lasting power bank is your best bet for quick charge of your devices whenever you are up and about. It saves you from circumstances where you get stranded because of a low battery or power outage. 

In Nigeria, you have to be super selective about your choice of power bank as you need one that is supercharging, long-lasting, and guarantees a fast charge with at least dual output to save your mobile devices from power failures and low battery. Hence why we recommend New Age range of dual output power banks – supercharging, ultra-fast, long-lasting power banks, safe and suitable for any mobile device (iPhone and Android). It also saves you a lot of money as it is highly durable, guaranteeing multiple years of use. With New Age power banks, one charge can serve you up to 3 WEEKS’ power depending on its battery capacity. Its features make it a great travel companion fit for everyday life in Nigeria. 

Want to ease up your daily experience in Nigeria? Then equip yourself with these items and watch yourself have an improved day-to-day experience.  

You can make an order for New Age power banks on, where you can get other accessories that work with your devices, you don’t have to worry about your devices running down. 

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