New Age Power Banks Are Helping Nigerians To Stay on

New Age Power Banks Are Helping Nigerians Stay On

With just less than 20,000 naira, New Age is helping Nigerians stay connected with the world with their mobile accessory product, power banks.

New Age Mobile, Nigeria’s first indigenous brand in the phone accessory industry has since its incorporation in 2008, provided mobile device solutions with its mobile accessory products to accompany the varying mobile devices available in Nigeria. As a market leader, the brand prides itself in its originality and has led the production of various mobile accessory products ranging from Power banks, Home chargers, Travel chargers, Phone batteries, and Power cables to Car Chargers. Through its stellar products and consistent quality delivery, New Age has continued to expand and grow its market share and voice in the industry. Recently, the brand took it a notch higher with the introduction of their 33000mAh and 55000mAh power banks which are currently the highest battery capacity power banks in the country.

As Mobile devices have become the easiest and most common means of staying connected in this day and time, there has been an increasing need for accessories that can help facilitate better use of these devices. The devices’ reliance on power and the unstable state of electricity in the country begs the need for alternative power solutions like power banks. These power banks are portable mobile accessories that store power and charge devices when connected.

For most mobile devices, their battery capacity runs between 2000mAh and 4500mAh which provides between 10 – 14 hours of battery lifespan, and upon continuous use, this capacity depreciates thereby increasing charge time. In order to keep your devices on, you need to constantly charge and often on the go and this further drives the need for power banks. With one charge providing up to 3 weeks of charge and over three years of possible use, the New Age power banks have become a reliable and long-lasting choice of mobile power solution.  

Their new products, L30 33000mAh, FC50P 33000mAh and FC50P 55000mAh, are currently the highest battery capacity power banks in the country with up to 3 weeks of constant usage.

The L30 33000mAh power bank doubles as a flashlight, with one full charge taking 6 hours and providing 2 weeks of charge and 48 hours of light. This device possesses both USB and type C input and output ports is portable in size making it easy to carry around, and comes with 1 Micro USB Cable and an 18-month warranty. For better understanding, this device can fully charge an iPhone 12 about 12 times, and a Samsung s21 and Google Pixel 5 about 8 times. 

The FC50P 55000 on the other hand, provides even more power than the L30 33000mAh. With the New Age Two-way Type-C port (input & output) recharge of 3A, a full charge takes just over 3 hours—twice as fast as a standard power bank and provides 3 weeks of power at an output of 3A. For context, this device would fully charge an iPhone 13 up to 15 times and a Samsung galaxy s21 up to 13 times, making it the highest capacity power bank currently available in Nigeria. It is guaranteed to recharge your battery at high speed with USB-C Power Delivery, providing optimized charging to your mobile devices. Like the former, it also comes with 1 Micro USB Cable and a worry-free 18-month warranty. This device guarantees you get freedom from your wall for up to 3 weeks.

Asides from the battery capacity, the products possess the New Age’s Four-Fold Protection Technology, which provides your devices;

       Short Circuit Protection

       Overload Protection

       Overheating Protection

       Overload Protection of the Connected Device

All these are to ensure your devices stay in the best condition even with constant use of our products. The recent crashes of the national grid and its impact on power fuel an even greater need for these products.

For New Age, the vision is to help as many Nigerians stay on and connected to their world, as we understand that the day-to-day lives of many and the operation of most services heavily rely on mobile devices. To facilitate accessibility and better customer service, the power banks can be purchased on the New Age website, with the option of payment on delivery and the currently running free delivery promo.

Make sure to stay on! 

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