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It isn’t news that power banks have gradually become part of our lifestyles and we probably cannot go through the day without them, especially for smart phone users who are temporarily away from electricity.

Imagine that you are at an event, dressed in all finesse and looking all dapper. You intend to take photos for the gram. You’d definitely take photos. I mean, if you don’t give, how would they take? You reach out for your iPhone and it’s a few battery percentage left.

You hurriedly take some fire shots. Fire enough to spark up lots of comments on your socials. Do a little editing and they’re as perfect for the gram.

“As e dey hot”, you decide to post these fire photos and just at that point your iPhone goes off.

Low battery, yeah?

Stranded, angry and missing out on the “awwnnn” that should be flooding your comment section, you have regrets. No power bank!

At this point, everyone needs a good power bank.

When you decide to purchase a good power bank for your iPhone or your android, these are qualities you should look out for:

  • Good charging capacity of the power bank:

Simply put, your phone with a battery of 5000 mAh would need a power bank with a battery double the size of your mobile phone’s battery.

power banks

That is 5000 mAh phone would need 10500 mAh power bank or more. This is to give quality and long lasting charge to your mobile devices.

  • Excellent battery quality of the power bank:

Some power banks do not keep charge. I mean, why is it called a power bank, when it cannot hold charge.

The capacity of a power bank to hold charge for a long time is determined by different factors? This is why it is advised to buy a power bank from a known brand with a flexible warranty policy.

  • A good power bank comes with warranty:

Always check to know the warranty policy before purchasing a power bank. A power bank brand like ours have an 18 months warranty on all products. This is one of the most flexible warranty options you can get anywhere.

power banks

A warranty clears any form of doubt you might have.

  • Good power bank has LED indicators:

The LED indicators are there to help tell how much reserved charge is left in your power bank.

power banks

How then would your power bank communicate with you, if there are no LED indicators? It saves you the moments of embarrassments.

  • A good power bank has a good charging speed:

Imagine having to charge your power bank and it takes days to charge full.

power banks

It is given that power banks of higher capacities take a longer time to charge, but not up to a day. Our FC50P with capacity of 50000 mAh takes up to 6 hours to completely charge and can give you 3 weeks of power.

Power banks have become a necessity that one cannot go without. If you must purchase one, you have to go for a trusted brand and also a power bank with high quality. It saves you money and time.

Our power banks comes with all of these qualities as it is ranked amongst the top power banks to use. We give our users their desired satisfactions and also keep you on to your devices for as long as you wish.

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