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Headphones are fun but …….

Bone conduction headphones

There are many possible causes of hearing impairment and noise tops the list. Just as there are many causes of noise. The use of headphones with loud music playing into the ears is the most direct way of entertaining noise in your ears. The longer you wear headphones with increased volumes, the more likely you’re prone to hearing loss.

These are ways to adopt healthy listening.


Seems like the easiest thing to do, right? But not so easy, if you are already accustomed to listening with high volumes. If the volume is loud enough for the next person to hear, then it is too loud and you are on a not-so-merry ride to hearing loss.

With the volume of a headphone reduced, there are lower chances of going deaf from something as harmless as listening to music or a podcast, or even an audio book. It’s one of the safest forms of using headphones.

So, go ahead and enjoy, minimally.


Here is the trick. Noise cancelling headphones cancels background noise and no matter how low the volume is, you’ve already shut the world out.

Basically, the louder the background noise, the higher you increase the volume of your headphone. This would become risky. But with an Active Noise Cancelling technology, this allows you listen without the risk of overly increasing the volume of the headphone.


The rule involves listening to music at 60% volume for 60 minutes then taking a break. Take a break periodically to give your ear a rest. According to the Hearing Health Association, this rule protect the eardrums and it is best practiced daily.

The 60/60 rule is one of the safest ways to use a headphone. You listen for an hour with the volume at 60% then you take a break,


Many phones and other devices allow the user to adjust the settings so there is a limit on the maximum volume. Check your user manual to see whether this is an option on your listening device.

Listening with headphones shouldn’t be a cause to lose your hearing. Explore the latest audio devices on our catalogue and learn about the safest headphones to use.

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  1. Oluwatoyin

    Why is one of my hear pods not connecting

    1. Laura Anicetus

      Hello Oluwatoyin. Kindly unpair the earbuds from your device and pair again. This time hold the earbuds together when trying to pair. Thank you

  2. Fola

    the manual for the new age bone conduction headphone reads that there is memory computer mode, how do i access the mode? my computer isnt displaying the drive.

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