You are currently viewing THE ORANGE EFFECT AT THE AY LIVE SHOW


It was a rain of colors, aesthetics and laughter during the legendary edition of AY Live, which held on Easter day, the 9th of April 2023.

The grand entrance of Eko hotel, Victoria Island lit up in diverse colors with guests getting parked and strolling in. Adorned in beautiful clothing, all set to make a statement.

It was the typical Lagos night life.

Always filled with colors and expectations.

Brand supporters display their elements and logos were easy to spot. Just at the center of the red carpet walk, where all brand supporters were showcased, there stood the Orange brand elements, lighting up the walkway, and being too good to ignore.

Bright and smart stood the brand elements and of course, it wasn’t difficult to recognize the New Age logo.

If there’s something about the Orange color, it has the capacity to draw attention. And attention was what New Age Mobile Concept got from the guests walking the red carpet.

New Age Mobile Concept, being the first Indigenous mobile phone accessories company in Nigeria, was well represented as one of the major sponsors of the event.

Smartly dressed representatives holding it down on the red carpet, granting interviews and just keeping it ‘lit’.

It’s Orange. It’s difficult not to be ‘lit’.

The mobile phone accessories brand with a wide catalogue of phone accessory products and whose target market are amongst the Generation Z, sure brought the Gen Z energy to the red carpet.

It didn’t matter if you’re from the Generation X, a millennial or an active member of the daring Gen Z, the New Age brand was hard to miss at the red carpet.

It gave off a whole lot of orangey energy, busting with life, laughter and fun. Practically putting guests in the right mood, and eager to see AY and other notable comedians do their thing later that night.

Just as if the red carpet walk way wasn’t orangey enough, the New Age group strategically gave out orange colored hand fans to guests.

I mean, it’s hot. You might as well cool off with the orange colored hand fan.

It might be take some time for guests to forget the experience they got from AY Live: the legendary edition and it’s sure going to be difficult to forget the orange colored brand, New Age.

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