Power bank

You might get a bit confused from the name of this power bank and assume the power station power bank is such a weighty power bank with lots of cables and inflexible to move about with.

Fear not!

In actual sense, it is the most stylish and comfortable power bank to move around with.

The power station power bank comes in two capacities. 12500 mAh and 22500 mAh, to suit whatever mobile phone battery capacity a user might have.

Made with 2 built-in cables, one lightening and one type C cable, you get the freedom of moving about with a power bank without carrying extra cables and the possibility of charging more than one phone at a time.

Power bank

Talk about flexibility!

Imagine having to worry less about carrying cables around or looking all tacky with dangling cables from bags. You save yourself the risk of having your cable break from constant twists and curls.

A free life and a fully charged phone.

The “power station” power bank, With Type C port and a max output of 3A, a full charge takes just over 6hours—twice as fast as a standard power bank.

Recharge for a night; charge for an entire week.

The New Age “power station” power bank is one of the best power banks to consider when purchasing a travel power bank.

Flexible and stylish!

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  1. Okeke Gloria

    This lovely

    1. Laura Anicetus

      it is truly lovely and efficient

  2. Ebitam Robert

    Takes too long to charge. Wayyy too long. I am tired. And it’s not even been a week since I got it.

    1. Laura Anicetus

      We are sorry for the inconvenience, Ebitam. Our products come with an 18 months warranty. Kindly contact our customer service representative on Instagram for further information

  3. OptimindRandolph

    Thanks for this blog, I really need power station for my next camping station. Thanks for this suggestions.

    1. Laura Anicetus

      We are glad you found it helpful. You can place an order for the power station power bank on our website

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