Power banks have become part of daily lives of smart phone users, especially if you live in a place that suffers power outages from time to time.

While these accessories are essentials for running our day to day activities, it can be really disturbing and would become an inconvenience when you do not buy the right power banks for your phones.
These are some factors to consider when buying a power bank:

BATTERY CAPACITY: The battery capacity of your phone should come into consideration first when sourcing for a power bank. A power bank with at least, a battery capacity 2 times bigger than your phone’s battery capacity is an ideal power bank to use.
If you use a phone with a battery capacity of 5,000mAh, it is advisable to buy a power bank that is two or three times bigger than your phone’s battery capacity.

INPUT AND OUTPUT VOLTAGE: The input and output capacity of a power bank is an important factor to look out for, when purchasing a power bank. Strong capacity power banks with different input and output ports and capacity gives your phone a strong charging option.

NUMBER OF PORTS : The more the number of charging ports, the more devices can be charged via your power bank. These can include other smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, cameras, etc. Hence a power bank with multiple connectors is to be sought after. There are also some power banks that, in addition to multiple connectors, come with built-in USB charging cables which can be folded and stored within the units. That way, the chances of your losing the cable get reduced.

BRAND QUALITY: It is best to stick with an established brand when choosing a power bank. This is because an established brand is more reliable and you wouldn’t want to use just any brand for your expensive devices.

AMPERE COUNT: The Ampere count is the current from the power bank to the device being charged. The Ampere count of the device and the power bank should match. If the power bank’s ampere count is more, then it will charge your phone fast.

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