Mobile phones are as useful as their battery life.

Without a good battery life, a mobile phone is as good as a wired telephone. While we spend so much attention in trying to customize our mobile phones to our taste, we spend little or no time, investing in improving or maintaining our mobile phone’s battery lifespan.

A mobile phone’s battery life span gets shorter with time, but there are ways to keep them in good performance for as long as possible.

These are ways you can keep your phone’s battery in top form for a long time:

Avoid charging your battery beyond 100%: Overnight charging of mobile phones is one common habit amongst mobile users. While your intention is to get a 100% charge by morning, you’re unintentionally weakening your battery lifespan by keeping it on charge when it’s already 100%.

If you cannot avoid charging your phone overnight, place it in a cool or well-ventilated place.

This helps the heat dissipate easily.

Turn off WIFI and Bluetooth, if you’re not using them:  Here’s the logic: the slower your battery drains, the longer the lifespan.

If your WIFI and Bluetooth is constantly turned on, they contribute greatly in degrading your battery lifespan. When they continue scanning and searching for devices to connect to, your battery percentage reduces rapidly.

Trust me, this is one fast way to shorten your battery lifespan.

Unless you are in the business of deliberately running your phone battery down, your WIFI and blue tooth should not be consistently turned on.

Keep phone brightness down: There’s no advantage to keeping your phone’s brightness too high. It has a side effect on your eyes and at the same time, drains your phone battery. If you want to conserve your battery’s power, tone down your phone’s brightness and watch how last your battery last.

Switch to dark mood: The dark mood feature in phones is not only stylish, but also helps in conserving your phone’s battery life. A research by Phonebuff shows that Iphone battery life could be extended by 30%, if the dark mood feature is used.

The dark mood feature also helps prevent very bright blue rays from going into the eyes, when you use your devices.

So why spoil your battery and your eyes?

Switch to dark mood, today.

Turn on your location only when necessary: A lot of apps these days track your phone’s location to support their services. Constantly scanning with a combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and cell tower locations for maximum accuracy. To ensure that you’re not wasting battery life, it’s best to only let these apps access your location services only when you’re using the app.

Use durable accessories when charging: The fastest way to shorten the lifespan of your phone’s battery is to use non-durable accessories when charging.

Whether you’re using a power bank or a charger, the best option is to use quality products when charging.

This will prevent your phone’s batter lifespan from shortening, as using bad products degrades the battery lifespan.

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Mobile devices are a huge part of our lives and they should be properly maintained.

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