For many mobile phone users, maintaining good battery health has become a growing concern. From having the mobile phone go from 100% to 40% in a few minutes to watching your phones grow a protruding belly from the swelling of the battery. Or even worse, the

Phones are expensive. Let’s not talk about how the fluctuating rate of foreign currencies to the naira affect the prices of new phones. You certainly do not want your phones to go bad at a time like this.

A phone battery is an essential part of a mobile device and over the years, many have had different complaints and concerns over their inability to keep them in perfect health.

Not to worry, we’ve compiled some very useful tips to help you extend the lifespan of your phone’s battery. I mean, we can’t sit back and watch you have a bad phone.

Here are some tips for you:

Avoid exposing your device to extreme temperature:

Keeping your device in an environment with extreme temperature often is like making up your mind to cause damage to your own phone. A phone’s battery cannot survive if it’s being constantly exposed to extreme temperature.

Phone's battery exposed to the sun

According to Apple, it is advisable to avoid storing your devices in temperature beyond 35 degrees as this is too hot and gradually your battery’s life span shortens.

Don’t over charge:

Overcharging your phones weaken the batteries. This cannot be overemphasized. The longer you keep your phone plugged to electricity after it’s fully charged, the greater the chances of your battery damaging. You shorten the lifespan of battery yourself.

Battery being overcharged

The next time you plan on charging your phone over the night, knowing full well that it’s definitely going to be full before dawn, remember the cost of buying a new phone. Because you will if you keep over charging the battery of your mobile device.

Close unused app:

Many people don’t know this. But when unused app run in the background, they contribute to running down your battery. When it is constant, the lifespan reduces from excessive power usage. It is a device battery, not oxygen, though it acts as one.

Battery consumed by unused apps

The simple trick is for you to close all unused app, and only have apps you need.

Use good chargers:

This factor takes a good percentage of the reason your phone battery spoils quickly.

Use good chargers for your phones. Chargers determine how long or short your battery life is going to be. When choosing a charger for your phone, make sure you understand what your battery capacity is, and also get to know how many watts the charger has. It is always advisable to purchase a phone charger from a reputable brand. Our chargers come in different watts, and with each product description, you’ll get to understand which one works better with your phone.

Bad charger spoils your battery

Don’t be caught using a bad charger, your phone will pay for it.

Use good power banks:

A power bank works like an alternative power supply to your phone. We hugely rely on power banks these days, and it will be a shame that it contributes to what shortens your phone’s battery lifespan.

A good power bank for your battery

The simple way to avoid using subpar power banks and choosing the right power bank for you is to buy good power banks. Know what capacity works for you and stick to it.

Stop using your phone while charging:

Many people are guilty of this. In fact, this act is so common amongst phone users that they do this unconsciously. Relax. Calm down. Trust me, that entertaining post on social media isn’t going to disappear if you just put your phone down a little, and let it charge in peace.

Using your phone while charging spoils the battery

But if you constantly keep using your phone while charging, this means that you are ready to kiss that phone’s battery a hearty goodbye.

Whichever option you choose, we are here to cheer you on!

Your phone’s battery in an integral part of your mobile device, and as such, it requires lots care of care, too.

Remember how much phones cost today the next time you want to overcharge your phone.

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