Organizing charger cables is therapeutic.

Charger cables can be really messy when tangled. The cables out of control, all intertwined and making your home, office or your desk an ugly site.

With all the phone charger cables, earbud charger cables and all device cables, your house would be begging for some organizing.

Here are tips in organizing your charger cables:

Label the charger cables:

When you have different cables for different devices, the first step to take when organizing is to label these cables. This works like magic. You know what goes where. You know what to pick and when to use them. Proper labeling prevents hasty search for cables, making them form a knot.

Label cables

Pack cables in a drawer:

Now you’ve properly labeled those cables, it’s time to pack them away carefully in a drawer. Away from wandering feet. When these cables are properly labeled and put away in a drawer, it makes the house less messy. Your cables away from sight but everything close at hand.

Put cables in cases:

This is one of the safest ways of organizing your charger cables. You roll the cables in a loose circle and put them in a case. This case might be a space in your laptop bag or small case that can fit into your pocket or bag.

With the cables carefully rolled in a loose loop and tucked in a case, your charger cables will not only be organized, but it can also prevent cable breakage.

 Cable clips and ties:

Dangling cables are hazardous and can cause accidents around the house. Cables need to be controlled and tamed.

This is where cable clips and ties come in handy. Cable clips are used to hold plenty cables together and make them manageable.

One upside of cable ties is that they come in different colors for identification and sizes.

Charging cables are as important and shouldn’t be left lying around. This could lead to cable breakage and damage. Home accidents too are the effects of carelessly kept cables.

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